If at first the idea
is not absurd, then there is no hope
for it.

- Einstein




Shair: a place of share and trade emerging art.

How it works?

Well, in the digital world and physical space.

On the online platform, any artist can submit their work to vote.

The top rated, or selected by the "gallery judge" of the month, will have the opportunity to follow up for auction.

Already in dst gallery will be exhibited artworks at auction. Nobody gets left out, this is the house of talent!

The artists can share their works, art lovers can evaluate and purchase your favourite products.

What are you waiting for?

be a pART in http://www.shairproject.com



Powertracker is a web platform that allows you to monitor the production of renewable energy generated from solar panels, created by Innovation Point S.A. - dst group. This platform can be accessed with computers and mobile devices. Is intended to all institutions and individuals that use the services of "dst renováveis" and are interested to know the levels of renewable energy production of their units.



Rayleague is the best football contacts social network in the world. Rayleague helps you to build up connections between the football major actors: players, agents, scouts, coaches, clubs, academies and fans.



Vocation is a fantastic mobile application that lets you through a series of tests to verify your vocational aptitude.
After performing these tests you will discover very easily what your real vocation is and find the right degree / job for you.
This is an application that can change your life!



SmarBraga is a new system that measures air quality and noise level in the city of Braga. With this innovative system, all residents can now take advantage of privileged information of the urban environment.

The SMARBraga has a testing centre which makes environmental predictions of long term and the measurement processing data is obtained from two instrumented mobile units. Predictions of long-term are calculated using a efficient mathematical simulation model.

Know more in: http://www.smarbraga.com