If at first the idea
is not absurd, then there is no hope
for it.

- Einstein

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We create products and services for the world. The objective is always to bring them to the international market arena, either directly through our own electronic market channels or through licensing to third-part market agents or partners.

The mission of innovationpoint is to identify and assess innovative ideas and opportunities, to develop and prototype them, and finally to make them available to the markets.

For us innovation means the creation of new product categories, services or business models that challenge the status quo and generate significant new value for consumers, customers and the corporation.

Along the idea-development-market route, innovationpoint follows a managed innovation process which combines non-traditional and traditional approaches. A divergent thinking mode is used to open possibilities and generate a vision of what is intended to be an alternative valuable product, service or business model. Subsequently, a convergent process, standing on more research, development and prototyping techniques, brings the idea to reality. The last test comes from consumer, customer and market reactions.

As creativity is everywhere, innovationpoint opens channels for idea generation. Any proposals from our staff, our partners or anyone else are welcome and will be considered for evaluation.

We believe in the value of incremental innovation. But what really innovationpoint has at its heart is breakthrough innovation. As Einstein said “If at first the idea is not absurd, then there is no hope for it.”

Research & Development is conducted in-house or through partnerships involving national and international research centres, universities and other corporations. Following the newest international trends, we aim to shift from the knowledge economy paradigm to the creativity economy paradigm, which brings creativity as the critical competence, merging research and design to generate innovative products.