If at first the idea
is not absurd, then there is no hope
for it.

- Einstein

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By nature, innovation overcomes limits and products, services and business models are typically transversal. At innovationpoint, the emphasis is on the methodologies rather than on the classical limits of activity areas. In principle we aim to be in every field, assuring that the necessary know-how for the development of products is always a combination of our own resources together with the relevant partnerships and outsourcing.
Innovation produced at innovationpoint is expressed in proposals that add value to the dimensions business model, process, offering or delivery, assuming different typologies.

activity model

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Generally, when innovative concepts for products, services or business models are involved, confidentiality and intellectual property protection issues arise and detailed divulgation has to be limited, at least at early stages.
For 2010 innovationpoint plans to undertake project development in the following clusters: